2019 stamping industry enterprise survey report

Industry difficulties
⑴ The performance and dimensional accuracy of raw materials are not stable enough, which has always been an important factor restricting the quality of stamping parts, resulting in the inability to manufacture high-precision stamping parts. Material manufacturers should develop stamping materials with higher precision and more stable quality according to customer needs. The stamping industry needs to work with material companies and equipment manufacturers to formulate stamping material grade standards to promote material quality improvement and price differentiation.
⑵Industrial transformation and upgrading, with overcapacity in the industry, some enterprises are facing survival crisis and need natural elimination or merger and reorganization.
(3) Weak market demand and unstable demand have caused companies to hesitate and hesitate to invest, and it is difficult to maintain the workforce. External competition is fierce, labor costs are high, safety risks are high, and the development cycle of automotive stamping parts is long. The severe homogeneity of products in the industry and disorderly competition have made product prices lower and lower, while the costs of raw materials and purchased accessories have risen, and the manufacturing costs of enterprises have become higher and higher, and they can only sell without profit or even lower than cost. The high prices of high-quality products are unacceptable for auto manufacturers. From 2019 to 2020, the situation of automobile production and sales has declined severely, and automobile production has become saturated. On the one hand, customer purchase orders have decreased; on the other hand, in order to compete for limited orders, the competitive environment is harsh and vicious competition exists. The market forces the elimination of backward production capacity, and restructuring will become the norm.
⑷There is no uniform standard for fine blanking materials, and companies are doing their own things, making material suppliers unable to achieve mass production, which not only affects the delivery cycle, but also increases production costs. The quality standardization of fine blanking materials is imperative.
⑸The shortage of stamping professional and technical personnel, the difficulty of training, the difficulty of recruiting technicians, the low income of the machinery industry and the poor working environment have caused serious loss of personnel. The stamping industry must unite, hold a group call, and strengthen the voice of the industry is the only way.
⑹The cost of stamping equipment. According to the performance of different products, the reliability of domestic accessory performance is insufficient, there are more imported parts, and the bargaining power of purchased parts is small, which not only affects the manufacturing cycle of the equipment, but also increases the manufacturing cost. The research and development of basic components and core technologies should be increased. In terms of equipment and raw materials, although the price of steel has slowly fallen since the end of 2018, the overall raw material cost still remains high, especially for the initial investment. The contract advance payment is generally 30%, which is not enough for raw materials and long-term material input costs. The production cycle is longer, which requires the company to advance higher funds, and then pass it on as pledged purchases, further increasing the cost of raw material purchases. Now the steel plate market is still the supply-side market, and the demand-side has little say in quality, delivery and price. The localization of servo control technology (software) and the localization and industrialization of servo motors and drive components are urgent needs. Practically list the technologies and basic components that must be broken through, and call on the industry and national government departments to pay attention and promote.
Forming equipment, forming processes, forming materials, forming molds, etc. cannot be intelligently identified, cannot be intelligently interconnected, and lack process database software, which restricts the development of intelligent forming technology. More general and less professional are problems that must be solved.
The bottleneck of the development of servo equipment in the intelligentization of stamping equipment is that redundant electric energy storage and reuse systems require large capacity for energy storage capacitors, and the capacity of the capacitor cabinet is huge, high cost, and large heat generation; reliable operation and precision of key actuators of power drive Online monitoring issues. These are requiring equipment manufacturers and equipment suppliers to accelerate innovation to improve quality.
⑺ Breaking through the cold connection technology between ultra-high-strength steel and the high-efficiency and high-quality connection technology between carbon fiber materials and metal materials is a difficult point in the industry, and basic theory and mechanism research are key issues.
⑻The stamping industry is gradually showing a separation from the four modernizations of the whole vehicle in terms of “electricity, connectivity, intelligence, and sharing”. The traditional vehicle technology will gradually shrink the proportion of the future vehicle technology. How to correct the stamping and The positioning of future automobile development and accelerating technological innovation in the stamping field are the focus of industry thinking.
Other important points that need to be organized or appealed by the association
⑴ Suggestions on the organization of meetings of industry associations.
1) Seminars on cutting-edge technologies and the status quo of the industry: automotive stamping intelligent manufacturing technology seminars; the application of progressive dies in the industry; CAE analysis and automated mold design and manufacturing seminars; commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and lightweight Process equipment technology exchange.
2) At present, my country is transforming from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. There are many technical difficulties, system reform difficulties, system restrictions and other issues in the process of transformation. There are great differences between regions. It is recommended to select suitable topics for discussion based on the geographical characteristics of the meeting place.
3) The interactive content that can be added to the technical seminar: Let the willing companies put forward the problems encountered in the production process according to their own status, including technology, a specific process, raw materials, molds, inspection, management, quality system, etc. , Questions are not limited to the size, as long as they can be asked, please have experienced people to answer on the spot, forming an interactive atmosphere, everyone can benefit.
4) It is recommended that the seminars be divided into two types. One is a seminar on the general direction of the industry, which is mainly attended by business leaders and vice presidents of technology; the other is a technical seminar, with the participation of technical personnel. This way people from different levels can communicate better.
5) A combination of industry advanced technology seminars and visits to advanced companies. Industry associations are the key to enhancing the awareness of new technologies among business leaders and technical personnel, and encouraging companies that have achieved remarkable results in the application of new technologies to share their experience.
6) It is better to conduct seminars targeted at typical users or equipment manufacturers. In the automotive stamping industry, discussions are mainly centered on automotive manufacturing. It is recommended to hold a seminar on the topic of automotive production and sales and the future development direction of the automotive to understand the needs of stamping automation equipment.
7) Highly targeted (such as cutting-edge technology, equipment, tooling, materials, etc.), on-site academic seminars with typical application cases, and forming technology seminars should set up a theme each time to completely solve a type of technical problem. For example, mold intelligent recognition, how the forming equipment recognizes the mold, how to intelligently select the specific process parameters of mold parts, and the intelligent search of molds. Combining the needs and desires of industry manufacturers, formulate seminar programs to promote the sustainable development of the industry.
8) Carry out and promote the development of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain seminars in the forging equipment industry, research and explore the development of intelligent forming equipment (metal and non-metal), advanced forming processes, new forming materials, intelligent forming production lines, typical forming parts, testing A complete industrial chain development model of the forging industry including standards and applications.
9) Carry out a seminar with the theme of “Stamping Reform and Development under the Industry 4.0 Wave”, and set up stamping lightweight, digital, and customized sub-venues for discussion. Invite as many experts from the association as possible to participate in specific seminars.