2019 stamping industry enterprise survey report

Industry hotspots and cutting-edge technologies, customer needs
⑴ Industry hotspots and cutting-edge technologies.
1) As far as the automotive industry is concerned, two mainstream trends will become more and more obvious in the future: First, the diversification and electrification of automotive energy, such as new energy automotive battery technology, deep drawing process and equipment for battery shells, hydrogen fuel Battery-related technologies, etc.; the second is the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies based on digital, automation, and big data technologies, such as autonomous driving technology, intelligent network connection, smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, etc.; the application of more accurate and efficient simulation technology , Including formability simulation, full process simulation, springback prediction and control simulation, stamping production line dynamic simulation and other technologies; forming technology from equipment, technology, materials, molds, parts one-stop coupling forming intelligent technology; precision stamping technology application Intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent production lines and intelligent factories. But for small and medium-sized enterprises, grasping orders, reducing costs, and striving for survival are still the key. Informationization and intelligence must be motivated by stable orders, large batches of single products, strong product homogeneity, and large industrial scale.
2) Lightweight materials and forming technology, new material processing and industrial scale. Body lightweight technology, whether it is for the continuous strict national emission standards for fuel vehicles or the development of electric vehicles, has put forward higher requirements for lightweight body. Lightweight applications of aluminum alloy plates and ultra-high-strength plates, rolling, hot forming, internal high pressure forming and other process applications, aluminum alloy profiles to replace automobile frame and skin structure, research and development of new materials including composite materials, and research on material properties And process development.
3) In terms of fine blanking technology, the application of fine blanking transfer die improves efficiency and product quality; the research and application of plate forging technology improves product performance and application scope.
4) The application of servo technology in stamping equipment is a continuous hot spot and cutting-edge technology in the stamping equipment field in recent years, reducing consumption (improving material utilization, using low-cost sheet materials, etc.) and improving production efficiency. Servo control technology of press production line, intelligence of production line, etc.
5) Precision stamping technology with more complex shapes and higher precision.
6) Research and development of innovative technology for small batch products such as aerospace, automobiles, and rail transit equipment.
7) The application of new energy vehicles and a variety of materials has promoted the development of lock riveting technology and hot melt drilling and riveting technology, and has made it a hot spot in the automotive connection equipment industry.
8) Cutting-edge technology of deep drawing industry.
①High-precision deep-drawing and deep-drawing parts, the diameter and roundness accuracy can reach μm level.
②Stainless steel and high-strength plates are precision and complex deep-drawn parts without any damage on the surface and stable dimensional accuracy.
③High-speed deep drawing and deep drawing process and equipment, the punching speed can reach more than 200 pieces per minute.
④ Gradually realize unmanned stamping operation through intelligence.
9) The application of automation and intelligent molds improves efficiency, product quality and the intelligent level of the stamping workshop.
10) Application of higher-speed stamping technology and Internet of Things technology in stamping production.
⑵Customer needs.
1) Individualized demand and specialized demand increase, and production methods and solutions of multiple varieties and small batches are becoming more and more important. How to meet customer demand for small batch orders is a problem that the entire industry must carefully study. Each enterprise should conduct research and response according to its own characteristics.
2) To produce high-quality products at low cost is the goal pursued by customers. To provide customers with higher-quality and lower-cost stamping products, to improve the market competitiveness of stamping enterprises and the market competitiveness of customers, is the continuous stamping enterprise The eternal goal pursued by development.
3) In terms of equipment, the existing presses are used for automation upgrades and transformations, and with a small investment, the production cycle can be improved and the production line can be operated stably to reduce the failure rate.
4) Facing the future, with lighter weight and deeper customization, the demand for new materials (carbon fiber, engineering plastics, etc.) technology is gradually expanding.
5) In terms of technology, the combination of fine blanking and machining may be the latest customer demand.