be derelict in duty and run irrelevant business? Geely began to cross the border to build rockets and hired rocket chief engineer with high salary

Geely is a well-known independent automobile brand in China, and has made achievements in the field of independent automobile after years of operation. However, Geely hopes to cross-border into more science and technology industries, such as satellite and aviation equipment. Recently, Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Automobile Group, confirmed on his microblog that Geely is involved in the “rocket” field.
Li Shufu’s Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd. is an industrial investment enterprise relying on Geely Holding Group and focusing on new energy, new technology and new mode in the field of travel ecology. According to the information, Zhejiang spacetime Daoyu Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Geely technology group, will expand the number of Aerospace / aviation related engineering personnel, including rocket chief engineer, rocket structural engineer, etc.
The post requirements of the rocket chief engineer include: 1. Be responsible for the overall planning of the rocket work; 2. Responsible for the overall technical and guiding work of the rocket; 3. Responsible for the review and management of the implementation process, process feasibility and process implementation process of the overall attitude and orbit control products of the rocket; 4. Be responsible for the management of the rocket team; planning and directing the work of rocket innovation and process optimization Guide. At the same time, the requirements of Geely rocket chief engineer are relatively high, and the salary is also higher.
In view of Geely’s involvement in the rocket field, Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Automobile Group, confirmed the news on Weibo. After the development of satellites, Geely has entered the rocket field again. Geely is really in the sky!
According to enterprise information, Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Geely Group Co., Ltd., natural person shareholders include Li Shufu and his son Li Xingxing. The business scope of the enterprise includes automobile and parts, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle, aviation equipment, intelligent consumer equipment, new energy, new materials, satellite transmission, information and digital processing, Internet, Internet of things, computer software and hardware, technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical service in the field of environmental protection science and technology, car rental, etc.
Geely technology’s business includes Cao Cao travel, maple leaf car, little dog travel, left, middle and right micro bus, Qianjiang Motorcycle, national railway Jixun, Taili flying automobile, JOMA, e-bao technology, Geely business travel, etc. At the same time, Geely technology also holds 9.69% of the voting shares of Daimler Co., Ltd., which is the largest shareholder of Daimler.
And Geely science and technology subordinate “time and space Daoyu” is Geely to achieve the layout of the aerospace industry. In March this year, spacetime Daoyu announced that the first two LEO satellites independently designed and completed have passed various qualification tests and tests, and are expected to be completed in 2020. The layout of LEO satellites will provide high-precision positioning services for intelligent driving of vehicles.
Satellite is a kind of space vehicle which is launched into the high altitude by carrier rocket and makes it run around the earth in a certain orbit; and the rocket is the carrier for space flight.
As for the aerospace industry, Geely Li Shufu said that the global development has entered an unprecedented level of science and technology, innovation speed and change dynamics in human society. At the same time, the global automobile industry is facing great innovation opportunities. Geely holdings is facing the change, leading the development with innovation, creating new advantages of online and offline integration, and cooperating with global partners to promote the reform in the field of travel.
For Geely, it’s all-round. However, some netizens think that Geely is good at making cars, while others are not serious.
Geely’s total sales volume in 2018 was 1.5 million, and that in 2019 was 1.3616 million, a year-on-year decrease of 9.3%. From January to March 2020, the cumulative sales volume of Geely Automobile is 206 000, down 44% year on year. Geely said it would not adjust its sales target of 1.41 million vehicles this year.