Beiteng new company “shengteng technology” officially unveiled

On the morning of October 29, Nanjing shengteng Technology Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony at the Nanjing headquarters of byten automobile.
Founded in 2016, Baiteng automobile is one of the earliest new car companies in China. The company’s first mass production model, m-byte, has not yet been listed in mass production after repeated ticket jumps.
On June 29, Baiteng automobile announced that it would suspend business operations in China from July 1, and is expected to stop production for six months. During the period of suspension of operation, most employees in China will be on duty, while a small number of employees will stay on duty (less than 100 people) to maintain the most basic functions of the company.
People familiar with the situation disclosed to futureauto daily that since July 1, the on duty staff of R & D, procurement, manufacturing and other departments of byten auto have been speeding up the progress, promoting the design update and replacement of m-byte, “and the company is consciously controlling the cost.”. For example, some projects originally undertaken by foreign suppliers began to be handed over to local suppliers in China, “looking for mature solutions on the market to shorten the time and reduce the cost.”.
Future auto daily exclusively learned that at present, the labor contract of employees on duty of byton auto has been transferred to shengteng technology company, which has less than 100 employees. The company owes these employees a total of four months’ wages (may, June, August and September).
In addition, there are more than 400 employees waiting for work at byton. For the employees waiting for work (including those who have left the company since August), the company has not paid their salaries in April, may and June as promised. Among them, the minimum living allowance for the employees waiting for work in recent three months has not been paid, and the social security and provident fund in June, July and August have not been paid according to the normal month, but through overdue payment, which affects the normal use of the employees See a doctor.
When it announced the suspension of operation in China at the end of June, the company promised to pay social security and provident fund for the employees waiting for jobs (the personal part will also be borne by the company) and provide living subsidies to the employees from August this year.
On October 1, the latest “all hands meeting” was held by byton. According to people familiar with the matter, the main purpose of the meeting is to announce the establishment of shengteng Technology Co., Ltd. and “restart car manufacturing”. New shareholders will join shengteng, and the company will strive to merge the employees on both sides of shengteng and Baiteng.

On August 24, future auto daily (ID: Auto time) exclusively learned that shengteng technology company plans to raise 2 billion yuan to accelerate mass production of m-byte. At that time, FAW Group and other shareholders were actively promoting this financing.
However, the people familiar with the matter stressed that at the meeting on October 1, when the company’s management mentioned when to solve the problem of arrears of wages, it only said that when the company had money, it would pay arrears of wages in batches, but did not give the payment time. “Employees attending the online meeting were annoyed after hearing the whole meeting,” said the person familiar with the matter.
At present, the payment of wages in arrears is the most concerned topic of all employees of byton. “After all, we still owe our wages. How can we get them?” Some employees of byton automobile reported that the company originally said that it would pay the wages in August and September on October 26, and then pushed them to the end of the month, “it will be two days today and tomorrow”. In addition, it hasn’t said when to pay the arrears in May and June.
Although the salary has not yet been settled, since August this year, the employees who are about to transfer to shengteng technology have begun to implement the system of “basic salary + floating salary”. The floating salary accounts for 15% – 30% of the salary, which corresponds to different proportions according to the level of the employees.
As for the trend of shengteng technology, some employees hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the development of the company, and the employees who have left the company and are waiting for jobs also say that it is “very difficult to promote”. Another person familiar with the matter said that “the circle of friends of Bayer’s employees who have not left the company either have nothing or are selling insurance.”
It is worth noting that shengteng has started to recruit new people. Futuristic auto daily learned that on October 23, shengteng technology released a recruitment notice, which started recruitment for many positions including vehicle engineering, power system, production procurement, electronics / Electronics / digitization, vehicle development and project management.