Blanking of metal stamping process

Blanking is one of the important processes in metal stamping. It belongs to separation process. When the workpiece is stressed, it will start from elastic deformation and plastic deformation and end with fracture. So, what are some knowledge about blanking in metal stamping? The details are as follows:
1. The shear section is divided into four characteristic zones, namely fillet zone, bright zone, fracture zone and burr.
2. The bright band of the material with good plasticity is larger than that of the material with poor plasticity.
3. The influence of clearance on the quality of blanking parts is as follows
1> The quality of blanking parts refers to the quality of cutting section, dimensional accuracy and shape error.
2> If the gap is too small, the secondary shear will be produced. The two ends are bright bands, and burr appears on the end face. Although the burr is increased, it is easy to remove. Moreover, the workpiece has small dome and vertical section, so it can be applied as long as the tear is not very deep. But the gap is too small. The blanking force increases. Wear increases and die life is reduced.
3> When the gap is too large, the material is easy to be torn, the bright band is reduced, the inclination and collapse angle of the cross section of the workpiece increase, and the burr is large and thick, which is difficult to remove. The material properties and thickness are the main factors affecting the gap value. The harder the material is, the thicker the reasonable gap value is.
Metal stamping parts
4. Methods to reduce blanking force:
1> Material heating red stamping (suitable for thick plate or parts with low surface quality and precision).
2> In the multi punch die, the punches are arranged in a ladder shape.
3> . punch with a slant edge die.
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