Breakthrough! Successful stamping of galvanized deep-drawn automotive panels

breakthrough! Successful stamping of galvanized deep-drawn automotive panels
Recently, Shangang Rizhao Co., Ltd.
The automotive panel research and development team has made unremitting efforts
Optimize R&D organization plan
Strengthen the quality control of the whole process
Successful stamping of galvanized deep-drawn automotive panel products
The quality of the tested product is good
The surface quality of steel grade reaches the domestic 2000 panel level
The successful training of the car panel
For the mass production of automotive panels for galvanized products in the future
Accumulated a wealth of practical experience
The steel for automotive galvanized product panels is one of the most difficult to produce and the highest quality varieties of automotive steel sheets, and it is also one of the highest value-added varieties of automotive steel. Due to the difficulty of production, several different processes were carried out in the early stage, and the successful zipper was realized in different processes of steelmaking, hot rolling and pickling. The last process of the zipper is the galvanizing test. The research team formulates a detailed research plan to prepare for the zipper in all directions.
Professional and technical personnel concentrated their technical strength to conduct research and analysis on the problems that occurred in the early stage of ziplining, and respectively formulated plans from production preparation, equipment inspection, key process parameters, and procedures with defects in the early stage. In order to ensure the success of the car panel zip, the Science and Technology Quality Center conducts pre-zip condition verification at different process points of galvanizing, repeatedly simulating possible situations. The cold-rolled galvanizing production line is actively preparing for zip, strengthening on-the-job technical training, rigorously operating technology, and strengthening key point control. During the zipping process, technicians make real-time adjustments to the speed and smoothing elongation of the steel strip according to the actual situation to ensure the normal surface quality of the steel strip.
Next step
The company will continue to increase the development and production of automotive panel steel
Constantly broaden the market
Improve product competitiveness
Establish a good brand image