Capacity benchmarking Tesla! Two British companies plan the country’s first battery plant

Recently, it was learned from overseas media that British start-ups have announced plans to build Britain’s first “super factory”, which will provide batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage purposes by 2023. The two technology companies, amte power, a Scottish based battery manufacturer, and britishvolt, a technology start-up, have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly produce battery packs and are considering a public offering to fund the project, which is expected to cost 4 billion pounds.
Electric vehicles are considered less advanced in terms of infrastructure in the UK and other countries. He said he would be able to create as many as 4000 jobs per year for the British plant, which is likely to be the chief executive of the British plant. Amte and britishvolt plan to have the first plant with an initial capacity of 10 GWH by 2021. Then, through further investment, the final goal of 30gwh will be achieved through the second plant.
Britishvolt is considering five alternative locations between southwest and central England, and the two companies hope to reach a supply agreement with JLR, which currently uses batteries from LG Chem in South Korea. JLR is a very important customer, and the standards are very strict when selecting the supplier’s products. British volt believes that batteries produced locally in the UK will compete with LG Chem in quality and price.
Ralf Speth, the owner of Jaguar Land Rover, said last year: “if the battery supplier is not in the UK, then the brand’s new electric vehicle products will not be produced in the UK.” The plant, if completed, will inject new life into Britain’s struggling auto industry.