Common cleaning methods of copper shrapnel

Common cleaning methods of copper shrapnel. Copper shrapnel is a common component in the category of precision hardware. It belongs to a kind of electronic accessories, and many electrical equipment will use it.
After stamping copper shrapnel, there is a very important step, that is, degreasing and cleaning. The main purpose of cleaning copper shrapnel is to remove the stamping oil on the surface after stamping. If it is not cleaned, it can not be sent to customers as finished products.
So how to quickly and thoroughly solve the cleaning problem of copper shrapnel without causing corrosion and discoloration of copper shrapnel? First of all, we need to prepare ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning agent.
The cleaning agent is prepared in ultrasonic wave with 5% proportion and heated to about 60 ℃; the copper bullet pieces to be cleaned are put into ultrasonic cleaning for about 3 minutes; then they are taken out, rinsed in water and dried. Finally, oil and dirt can be seen. The surface of copper shrapnel is free from water drops after cleaning.