Design of progressive dieĀ 

Design of progressive die
The standard progressive die template includes: discharge plate, fixed plate, concave template, upper die base and lower die base.
The unloading plate, the fixed plate and the concave template are the key three templates, which are also essential for the progressive die.
The utility model has three blanking edge which can be used to fix the blanking die of the die plate.
Four small guide pillars are used to guide the three templates. The four small guide pillars are fixed on the punch fixed plate, and four small guide sleeves are respectively inlaid on the discharge plate and the concave template, so as to accurately control the matching precision between the small guide pillar and the small guide sleeve, so as to ensure the movement accuracy of the punch.
In the design of progressive die, there is also a very important, that is, the design of yielding. Generally, all the subsequent positions of bending or forming positions need to give way, and to fully give way, not only to consider the static yield, but also to consider whether the dynamic need to give way.