Function introduction of hardware shrapnel

The functions of hardware shrapnel are as follows:
1. Control the movement of the organization
The elastic force of the metal spring piece is used to maintain the contact between parts, so as to control the movement of the organization, such as valve metal spring in internal combustion engine, brake, clutch, cam organization, control hardware spring in governor, safety hardware spring on safety valve, etc.
2. Gentle shock and absorption oscillation
The shock absorber is used to absorb the energy of the spring plate and the hardware of the vehicle.
3. Measure the force
The size of the load can be measured by the linear relationship between the deformation of the metal spring piece and the load it receives, such as the force measuring device, the hardware spring scale, the hardware spring piece in the engine indicator, etc.
4. Energy storage and output
The energy stored in the deformation of hardware shrapnel is used for work, such as the hardware shrapnel of wall clock, the hardware shrapnel of gun latch, and the hardware shrapnel of the tool rest in the active machine tool.