Function of precision mould maintenance

The function of precision mold parts maintenance is to restore the structure and precision of the mass production mold when the mass production capacity is lost due to parts wear, aging or abnormal damage in the long-term mass production, so as to make it meet the mass production conditions again.
In general, precision mould maintenance is required
1) . product size ng;
2) . poor appearance (scratch, indentation, burr, fan, etc.);
3) The stability of product process is poor;
4) Abnormal damage of mold parts;
Principles for formulating maintenance standards
1) The maintenance quality is stable and reliable, and the service life is long
2) Less maintenance investment (spare parts, repair) and low cost
3) . high maintenance efficiency, saving time and effort
4) The maintenance process is simple, easy to operate and easy to learn
5) . operation safety (personal, equipment)
Standardization purpose of mould maintenance
1) . improve the quality of maintenance
2) . improve the efficiency of maintenance
3) . save maintenance spare parts and reduce maintenance cost
4) . unified approach to facilitate communication and cooperation
5) It is conducive to the inheritance of mold maintenance technology
6) It is conducive to the rapid training of mold repair personnel