Function, usage and material explanation of hardware spring piece

Hardware shrapnel is more and more widely used. It can deform with the weight of the load. What is the main function of the hardware shrapnel? Let’s learn about it.
The main functions of hardware shrapnel: 1. It is used as force measuring element, such as the hardware spring piece in the force measuring device and hardware spring scale. The ratio of the load and deformation of the hardware shrapnel is called the stiffness of the hardware shrapnel. The greater the stiffness is, the harder the hardware shrapnel is. 2. Control the movement of machinery, such as valve hardware shrapnel in internal combustion engine, control hardware shrapnel in clutch, etc. 3. Store and output energy as power, such as clock and watch hardware shrapnel, firearms hardware shrapnel, etc. 4. Absorb the vibration and impact energy, such as the buffer hardware spring piece under the car and train carriage, the vibration absorbing hardware spring piece in the coupling, etc.
Metal Shrapnel
Material of hardware shrapnel: the material of hardware shrapnel includes manganese steel, brass, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, etc., and the specific selection depends on the use environment and other factors. For example, for general hardware shrapnel, as long as the cold plate nickel plating can be used, the effect is OK, and the cost is not high. The brass metal spring piece in the humid environment is obviously better than other materials, but the cost is higher, of course, there are other factors, such as whether to weld, resistance, etc., these should be considered. Hardware spring is a kind of mechanical spring parts that use elasticity to work. In the category of electronic hardware materials, stainless steel or manganese material is made after heat treatment. It is an important part of the switch. With the help of the conductivity of the metal spring piece, it plays a high-quality switch role between the operator and the product. At the same time, the stable resilience (automatic return after pressing) and long service life of the tablet can provide the operator with high quality tactile feedback.