Geely officially manages cheetah automobile factory

On April 27, Geely Holding Group, Hunan Provincial People’s government and Changsha Municipal People’s government formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changsha, trusteeship Hunan cheetah Automobile Co., Ltd. Changsha factory of Hunan Provincial State-owned Enterprise Changfeng Group Co., Ltd.
It is reported that Geely will carry out technical transformation on the existing production line of cheetah Changsha base after formal trusteeship, introduce new energy vehicle products and technologies, authorize the use of Geely brand and trademark, and carry out technology and quality management, and organize production and operation.
The signing of this trusteeship agreement means that cheetah automobile, which has been under pressure recently, has entered the stage of resource optimization and reorganization, and Changsha factory has become Geely’s OEM factory. For Geely, it indicates that it will further take root in Hunan, expand its existing base and continue to enter the new energy market.
It is understood that at present, Geely Holding Group has a more thorough layout in the field of new energy vehicles. From Jixing to geometry, and then to the maple leaf automobile recently launched, its new energy products cover three grades: high, medium and low. In the future, the Dihao ev500, which will be put into production in Changsha base, is a new energy vehicle for household use.