Hardware stamping parts manufacturer

The hardness of metal stamping parts is tested by Rockwell hardness tester. Small, complex shape stamping parts can be used to test the plane is very small, can not be tested on the ordinary table Rockwell hardness tester.
Stamping parts processing includes blanking, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. Stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal sheet and strip materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc.
PHP series portable surface Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of these stamping parts. Alloy stamping parts are the most commonly used parts in metal processing and mechanical manufacturing. Stamping parts processing is the use of dies to separate or form metal strips. Its application range is very wide.
The main purpose of hardness testing of stamping materials is to determine whether the annealing degree of purchased sheet metal is suitable for subsequent stamping processing. Different kinds of stamping parts processing technology require different hardness levels of plates. The aluminum alloy plate used for stamping parts processing can be tested by Wechsler hardness tester. When the material thickness is greater than 13mm, the Babbitt hardness tester can be used. For pure aluminum plate or low hardness aluminum alloy plate, the Babbitt hardness tester should be used.
In the stamping industry, such as Shenzhen Chuang Hing Hardware factory introduced stamping sometimes also known as sheet forming, but there is a slight difference. The so-called sheet forming refers to the forming method of plastic processing with sheet metal, thin-walled tube and thin profile as raw materials, which is collectively referred to as sheet forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of thick plate is generally not considered.
Steel or some non-ferrous metal parts, processing means: cold / hot stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting and other processes, including a wide range of definitions.
Hardware stamping parts:
The most commonly used in hardware processing is that under room temperature, steel / non-ferrous metal and other sheet metal dies are formed to the specified shape by the pressure required for processing by the press.
Metal stamping parts
It is widely used in all fields of our life, including some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. We usually refer to cold stamping parts. For example, a piece of iron plate, if you want to turn it into a fast food plate, you must first design a set of mold. The working surface of the mold is the shape of the plate. Pressing the iron plate with the mold will become the plate you want. This is cold stamping, that is, stamping the metal materials directly with the mold.