How do gold shrapn by the industry play?

How do gold shrapn by the industry play?
Although the gold shrapn in spite of only a small part, but a lot of machinery is missing it but can not work, so in recent years we are constantly discussing new production methods, so that our customers enjoy more excellent newer products. Guangzhou hard gold shrapn upon the use of a very wide range of scale, the following hardy shrapn up to introduce us.
A, cars, motorcycles, gasoline engines, diesel engines hard gold shrapder play a very large role, the use of hard gold shrapder has suspension hardy shrapder, shock-absorbing hardy shrapder, gas door hardy shrapder, scattered hard gold shrapder and so on, the use of a very large amount, accounting for half of the total production of hard gold shrapder. These types are representative of the skill level of hardy shrapnners, and the production request is very high, mainly in the direction of high fatigue life and high resistance to slack, and then the quality is reduced.
B, railway locomotive vehicles, heavy-duty cars and construction machinery are mainly hot-roll molding, is an important aspect of the metal shrapder production industry. Now the high-speed railway vigorously carried out, the vehicle shock-absorbing system in the promotion, about the vehicle suspension thermomordial hardy shrapne skills progress is very large, mainly to high-strength and high-precision direction to carry out to stabilize the quality of goods.
C, electric mechanical and electrical brush hard metal shrapder, switch hard metal shrapder, camera, camera hard metal shrapder used hard metal shrapder, piece metal shrapder, heterosexual hard metal shrapder share is very large, different types of goods on materials and skills requests are very different. This kind of gold shrapnot is carried out in the direction of high-strength miniaturization.
Do you know the exact use of hardcry shrapnom measuring?
Hardy shrapometer is used to test the power of things, also known as hardy shrapometer scale, often used in life, its fine convenience to our test weight to bring great advantages, then how to use it accurately, hardcrugging shrapnom factory for us to introduce.
Before the use of repeated pull hard gold shrapn in, if the force is too large may form the damage of hard gold shrapn in order to avoid the use of stuck, bumping. To know what the maximum size of the measurement force is, to know the force gauge scale, to know how many Ns each large grid, the smallest grid indicates. Check to see if the pointer can be aligned with the zero tick line and then have an accurate test. In the application, can not be used excessively, if the excessive process use may cause damage to the hardy shrapometer, and then form a plastic deformation, and then lead to error. And the excessive process of the use of inaccurate force on the test, simple error occurred. When testing force, it is necessary to keep the axis direction and force direction of the hardy shrapometer in the hardy shrapnomometer above a straight line, and the hard gold shrapometer may not be on the dial. The field of view should be perpendicular to the dial. After use, align the pointer and zero scale of the hardi shrapometer.