How to deal with the fracture of punch and blade of continuous die stamping products

How to deal with the fracture of punch and blade of continuous die stamping products
When stamping products with continuous die, punch fracture and edge collapse should be found as soon as possible, and corresponding solutions should be taken. Only from the fundamental problem to solve the problem, in order to solve the problem, so as to reduce the production cost.
The causes of punch breaking and edge breaking of stamping products are: chip jumping, chip blocking, die clamping, etc.; the corresponding solutions are to solve chip jumping, chip blocking, die clamping, etc. The corresponding solution: pay attention to the feeding, trim the material belt and clean the mold in time. The corresponding solution: modify the design, enhance the strength of the punch, reduce the size of the straight edge of the female die, pay attention to the bevel degree and arc of the punch edge end surface, and do not back cut.
Large and small punch distance is relatively close, metal material traction during blanking, leading to small punch broken; solution: the length of small punch is shorter, and the thickness of small punch is more than one material than large punch. Punch and die part too sharp, this time to modify the design. If the blanking clearance is small, the corresponding solution is to control the machining accuracy of punch and die or modify the design clearance, and the blanking clearance of small parts should be increased. The corresponding solution is to change the amount of stamping oil, and the latter is to change the stamping oil.
The solution is to check the precision of forming parts, adjust or replace them, and control the machining accuracy. Due to poor precision or wear of the stripper insert, the precision guiding function is lost. The corresponding solution is to study or replace it. The corresponding solution is to replace the guide pillar and guide sleeve and pay attention to the usual maintenance; K. change the material and use the appropriate hardness. Guide pin wear; m, improper gasket addition, the corresponding solution: replace the guide pin, m, correct, reduce the number of gaskets, replace with steel pad, the lower gasket of female die should be placed under the cushion block.
The reason and solution of die fracture of continuous stamping hardware products are analyzed.