How to prevent metal stamping parts from becoming scrap

Many of the products we use in our life are made of metal stamping parts, but the friends who are engaged in the processing of metal stamping parts know that if there is no correct operation, it is likely that the metal stamping parts will become waste products in the process of processing. In view of this situation, how do we prevent the metal stamping parts from becoming scrap? The following is a brief introduction of Heju.
The main measures to prevent metal stamping parts from becoming waste products are as follows:
1. The raw materials used in the metal stamping parts must comply with the specified technical conditions, strictly check the specifications and brand of the raw materials, and carry out laboratory inspection on the workpieces with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements.
2. The used press and die and other tooling equipment, to ensure the normal working state can work.
3. All links specified in the process specification should be strictly observed.
4. In the stamping process to ensure that the cavity of the mold clean, the workplace to be organized, the processed workpiece to be placed neatly.
5. Strict inspection system has been established in the production process. The first piece of stamping parts must be inspected comprehensively. Only after passing the inspection can they be put into production. At the same time, the inspection should be strengthened and accidents should be handled in time.
6. Adhere to the civilized production system, such as workpiece and blank transfer must use appropriate station equipment, otherwise it will crush and scratch the surface of the workpiece, affecting the surface quality of the workpiece.