Invest 1.5 billion yuan! Inner Mongolia Jianlong 2 million tons section steel production line project signed

“As an excellent special steel product, H-beam can not only enrich the steel variety structure of Jianlong group, but also play a positive role in promoting regional economic development.” Zhang guilei, vice president of Jianlong group, chairman and general manager of Inner Mongolia Jianlong group, said in an interview at the site of 2020 Wuhai City investment promotion network.
On the morning of April 26, the 2020 Inner Mongolia Wuhai City investment promotion network promotion meeting, sponsored by Wuhai Municipal Committee and Wuhai Municipal People’s government, and undertaken by Wuhai Regional Economic Cooperation Bureau and Wuhai financial media center, was successfully held.
Inner Mongolia Jianlong invested 1.5 billion yuan H-beam project, as the key project of this promotion meeting, was signed on site.
The picture shows Zhang guilei interviewed by reporters
The project will take the lead in the construction of a 1.2 million tons of medium-sized section steel production line, and the subsequent construction of a small section steel production line with an annual output of 800000 tons, which will meet more than 90% of the demand for H-beam, I-beam, angle steel, channel steel and other steel products in Northwest China. This will play a significant role in promoting the strategic development of Jianlong group in Northwest China, and will promote the economic development of Wuhai City, and enhance the influence of Jianlong group on the brand construction of variety steel.
Zhang guilei said: “since the integration and resumption of production of Jianlong in Inner Mongolia for more than a year, we have felt the good investment environment in Wuhai, as well as the strong support of various government departments for our project implementation and talent introduction. Since Jianlong group came into operation in February last year, Inner Mongolia Jianlong has been able to quickly achieve production and efficiency, and successfully complete the construction of the expected projects, which is inseparable from the support of Wuhai City and district party committees, governments and departments at all levels. In the future, Inner Mongolia Jianlong will continue to make our enterprises better, stronger and achieve greater development in accordance with the strategic development needs of Wuhai City. ”
This promotion meeting attracted customers and netizens from all over the country to participate online, and 14 signed projects were reached on site, with an agreement amount of 11.26 billion yuan.