Operation characteristics of precision stamping die

Operation characteristics of precision stamping die
(1) The production efficiency of precision stamping die is high, and the number of parts or process content per unit time is several times higher than that of general processing mode, even hundreds of times. The first mock exam can be done by a combination of multiple modules and multiple processes in a set of precision stamping dies.
(2) The product quality is stable and the interchangeability is good. The product quality is controlled within the ideal range by using the precision stamping die, and the product quality is stable, which can effectively ensure its interchangeability. Good interchangeability is the basic guarantee of mass production line, and also conducive to the maintenance and replacement of precision stamping die.
(3) The material utilization rate is high. Through different layout methods, such as: cross, oblique, multi row, mixing, nesting, and even no waste layout, the utilization rate of materials can be effectively improved and the material cost of products can be reduced.
(4) Materials do not need to be heated. In general, materials do not need to be heated during stamping operations. This can not only save energy, reduce the occupation of heating equipment and site, but also avoid the instability of shape and size caused by surface oxidation, burn and deformation caused by heating. It can also prevent the adverse effect of temperature rise on the mold.
(5) The mechanical properties of the stamping parts have been improved. Due to the hardening phenomenon of the precision stamping die, the surface structure of the stamping parts is compact, the hardness and wear resistance are increased, and the strength and rigidity of the stamping parts are also improved.
(6) Precision stamping die has a wide range of applications, and many products are suitable for stamping. It can solve a lot of processing contents that cannot or is difficult to complete in general machining, especially for some thin, soft, difficult, strange, micro parts, or non-metallic parts, precision stamping is a strong processing method.
(7) Precision stamping die, simple operation, low labor intensity of workers, the forming process and basic quality of products are mostly guaranteed by the mold and stamping equipment, the basic action of operation is the same, not affected by the complexity of the product. Operators need certain technical requirements, and can work after on-the-job training.