Precautions for nickel plating on stainless steel shrapnel

What problems should be paid attention to when nickel coating on stainless steel shrapnel? In order to ensure the surface quality and performance of the product.
First, the surface film layer must be removed, otherwise the coating is rough and not bright. 2、 Stainless steel stripping should not be directly put into concentrated nitric acid, but should be electrolyzed to remove the chromium layer, and then put into the fine dilute nitric acid, which is conducive to the adhesion of the coating. 3、 Degreasing must be thorough, or it will cause poor adhesion of coating. 4、 When pre nickel plating, the iron ion in the solution shall not exceed 10 g / L, and the copper ion shall not exceed 1 g / L. 5、 When copper plating is carried out after nickel plating, cyanide copper plating is not easy to be too thick, free sodium cyanide is not easy to be too low, and current density is not easy to be too large, otherwise it is easy to cause poor adhesion. 6、 Low pH nickel chloride solution was used for pre plating, and then impact nickel plating was carried out after hydrochloric acid washing.
Pay attention to the above six points when nickel plating in stainless steel shrapnel processing plant. The surface quality and performance of the product can be guaranteed.