Process flow of precision stamping parts

Process flow of precision stamping parts
1、 Requirements and steps of drawing up process specification for precision stamping parts
The process specification is a technical document to guide the production of precision stamping parts, which must be economical and reasonable. The process specification of parts is the processing method and step of parts. Content: processing technology, determine the machine tool used in each process, clamping method, measurement method, machining allowance, cutting amount and man hour quota, etc.
2、 Process analysis of precision stamping parts processing
(1) Heju precision stamping factory reminds you to first check whether the drawings of precision stamping parts are complete and correct, and analyze whether the precision, table integrity and technical requirements of the parts can be met under the existing production conditions.
(2) Check whether the material selection of precision stamping parts is appropriate and whether the process becomes difficult and complicated. Review the structural process of parts and check whether the structure of parts can be processed economically and effectively.