Deep Draws

Deep drawing, also known as drawing, stretching and calendering, refers to a kind of mechanical processing technology that uses the die to punch the blank with certain shape after blanking into various open hollow parts or reduce the diameter and increase the height of the open hollow blank.

Thin walled parts with cylindrical, stepped, conical, spherical, box shaped and other irregular shapes can be made by deep drawing. With other stamping processes such as flanging, bulging, flaring and necking, parts with extremely complex shape can be manufactured.

Therefore, in the production process of automobile, aircraft, tractor, electrical appliances, instrumentation, electronics and other industrial sectors, the deep drawing process occupies a very important position


We have the capabilities to produce complex parts with draws up to 3” deep and 8” in diameter. Using CAD/CAM drawing system, we converts flat metal blanks into complex cylindrical, rectangular, square, or multi-faceted shells. With our in-house tooling, up to 220 ton oil hydraulic press, enables us to produce draws with material thickness of .005″ to .138″.   

Deep Drawing / Deep Draws