Flat Spring Clips

Flat spring is different from normal coil spring, it is usually made of strip material and used as a bracket, holder, electronic connector or contact plate.  Some flat spring clips are relatively simple and can be directly made by stamping machine, but some flat springs clip fasteners have many bends, or bends with large radian or complex bending, so they can not be produced by stamping machine, but can only be produced by fourslide machine.

We provide whole solution for flat springs, flat metal clips. not only technical assistance like material hardness select and anti embroidery grade at the design stage. but also surface treatment, secondary and assemblies.


Material of Flat springs:

Spring steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel alloy, phosphor bronze, ect.


Equipment of Flat springs:

Fourslide / multislide machine.


Application of Flat springs:

Electrical contacts, battery connectors, mobile electronic components, fixture retainers, led lighting, ect.

Flat Spring Clips Fasteners