Metal u clips, u shaped spring clips

U clips, u clip fasteners is u shaped metal spring clip, it’s a kind of flat springs that usually used as fixtures or brackets.

Some u clips, u clip fasteners is hard to manufacture by metal stamping machine but very easy by our fourslide / multislide machine and custom u clips according to your drawings.

U shaped clip is widely used as fastener in various manufacturing industries. We could control the strength, hardness of the u clips that will perfect suitable for your assembly requirement. also with cheaper unit price and tooling cost due to our fourslide technology.


Material of Metal U Clips:

Spring steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel alloy, phosphor bronze, ect.


Equipment of Metal U Clips:

Stamping press, fourslide / multislide machine.


Application of Metal U Clips:

Electrical contacts, battery connectors, mobile electronic components, fixture retainers, led lighting, ect.




Metal U shaped Clips