Quality control difficulties in the stamping process of shrapnel

Quality control point in the stamping process of shrapnel; generally, the shapes of shrapnel are different and the batches are large. The mold developed by our company is also aimed at the processing of large quantities of special-shaped shrapnel. Some special-shaped shrapnel shapes need dozens of molding times to be processed. Therefore, when opening the mold, how to strictly control the error of each molding station and make the work stations cooperate with each other, so as to control the final molding precision of shrapnel Degree.
Electroplating difficulties: most of the hardware shrapnel of electronic products need electroplating. The evaluation index is usually salt spray test and whether the coating thickness is uniform. It is usually 48h, 72h or 96h, and the test report of film thickness tester is required for each electroplating. But some products after electroplating often appear partial electroplating, or uneven coating, white spots, yellowing and so on. This is usually caused by the nonstandard process of electroplating plant, and a small part of it is due to lack of experience or cost saving, and so on.
Performance index after forming: elastic test, stiffness test, tensile test, yield test and anti fatigue test will be carried out. If the above indicators are far from the predicted results, it is usually due to material problems or heat treatment problems. The unqualified tolerance of bending accuracy / R angle accuracy / radian is directly related to the die edge and punch. The coordination degree of punch and die and the rationality of die design determine the stamping efficiency.