Remedial measures for unqualified nickel coating on stainless steel shrapnel

In the process of continuous nickel plating, continuous nickel plating can be used in the process of continuous nickel plating.
Firstly, the shrapnel was anodized in the following solutions: sulfuric acid dosage: 750g /; glycerin: 60g / L; chromic anhydride: 50g / L; oxalic acid: 10g / L; temperature control range: l5-25 ℃; specific parameters of Da: 0.8-1.2a/dm2; control time in electroplating process: 4-7s.
After solution treatment, the workpiece shall be immediately immersed in 1:3 hydrochloric acid for 1-3 s, mainly to wash away the chromic acid that may be attached to the workpiece, and then wash it with water, and then quickly place it in the cyanide copper plating bath for copper plating.
DK specific parameters: 0.1 ~ 0.2a/dm2; time accuracy: 5 ~ 10 min.
After copper plating, the stainless steel shrapnel is washed with water and soaked in 30-50g / L dilute sulfuric acid. After washing, the stainless steel shrapnel is immediately put into the continuous nickel plating bath, and the continuous nickel plating is supplemented according to the original process conditions. The repair time can be determined according to the required thickness.