Safe operation of metal spring die

Safe operation of metal spring die
In the stamping process of metal spring die, the risk factor of high-speed punch is relatively high. If the mold is not operated properly, it will cause serious damage to the mold, and the safety of the operator will also be injured. Therefore, when the mold needs to be removed from the machine, remember to perform the following operations to ensure the safety of the mold and the operator.
Hardware spring piece mold off machine precautions:
1. Before pulling the mold, it is necessary to confirm that the support plate of the feeding port of the mold has been loosened and removed.
2. When the mold cannot be pulled, one person can pull outward and one person can push backward. (do not push the die backward at the same time to push the die out of the punch platform). You can also use the die lifting screw to wind the screw hole of the lower die base, and then lift both hands up a little at the same time and then pull it out.
3. When the metal spring die is pulled away from the punch, the die car shall not turn too fast to prevent the guide plate or material support plate from hanging on the punch or the sound insulation cover of the punch, causing damage to the die parts or sliding of the die.
4. When the mold is abnormally lowered, the inching operation is not allowed, especially after the mold height stop column is padded with plastic.
5. Turn off the main machine and other power supply after the die is lowered to avoid waste of resources.
6. When the metal spring die stops normally, it is necessary to move the mold until the guide needle enters the round hole of the material belt. It is strictly forbidden to stop the mold at the bottom dead center.