Several common finishing methods of progressive die

Several common finishing methods of progressive die
Progressive die belongs to the hardware mold, its processing technology is directly related to the life of the product, after years of development, its processing technology is increasingly mature, today’s small for you to summarize several of its common finishing methods, let’s have a look.
1. Hand grinding and polishing
This is a relatively traditional processing method, which completely depends on the operator’s technology and experience, which is time-consuming and slow in efficiency. If fund raising indicates that there are some complicated pointing or curved surfaces, it is difficult to handle.
2. Mechanical finishing (grinding)
Nowadays, the more common grinding equipment includes internal and external grinding machine, surface grinder, etc. in order to ensure high product accuracy, it is necessary to select the appropriate grinding machine according to the specification and size of progressive die, such as internal and external grinding machine for arc surface and plane grinder for plate type.
3. Mechanical finishing (CNC milling machine)
This is a CNC automatic processing method, not only good machining accuracy, but also fast efficiency, has become one of the main methods of finishing the progressive die.
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