Stamping materials for precision stamping parts

Stamping materials for precision stamping parts
1、 The stamping properties of the stamping materials for precision stamping parts are as follows:
1. Stamping materials should be easy to obtain high-quality and high-precision precision stamping parts for production and processing.
2. The limit deformation degree and total limit deformation degree of stamping material in one stamping process should be large enough to improve production efficiency.
3. The wear and tear of stamping materials to precision stamping parts and dies should be low, and it is not easy to produce waste products, which is convenient to improve the production.
2、 The stamping materials of precision stamping parts should meet the following technological requirements:
1. The thickness tolerance of stamping materials should conform to the national standard: different die gaps are suitable for materials with different thickness. If the thickness tolerance of materials is too large, it will not only directly affect the quality of stamping parts, but also lead to the damage of dies or presses.
2. The stamping material has a high surface quality: the surface of the stamping material is clean and flat, without defects such as scale, crack, rust, scratch and delamination. The material with good surface state is not easy to crack and scratch the die during processing, so the surface quality of the stamping parts is good.
3. Stamping materials should have good plasticity: stamping materials should have high elongation and area shrinkage, low yield and high tensile strength, high plasticity and large deformation degree, which is conducive to the stability of stamping process and deformation uniformity, and improve the dimensional accuracy of precision stamping parts.
4. Stamping materials shall have good adaptability to mechanical joint and continuous processing (such as welding, polishing and other processes), and shall not damage mechanical equipment.
The stamping materials of precision stamping parts are related to the performance and quality of stamping parts. The selection of stamping materials needs to meet the above relevant conditions and production requirements.