The function of continuous electroplating of metal shrapnel

The electroplating of metal shrapnel has been widely used in the products of metal shrapnel. The pin, tablet, screw and other parts need to be electroplated to meet their specific functions and service life. Electroplating is a process in which metals or alloys are deposited on the surface of the workpiece by electrolysis under the action of direct current to form a uniform, dense and well bonded metal surface. What’s the purpose of hardware shrapnel electroplating?
1. Beautiful (such as continuous gold plating, continuous silver plating, continuous nickel plating, etc.) after electroplating, the metal usually has a more glossy and bright appearance than the material.
2. Corrosion prevention (such as continuous nickel plating, continuous chromium plating, continuous zinc plating, etc.) usually raw materials such as copper and iron are easily oxidized in the air, and the corrosion resistance can be improved by electroplating a layer of metal with strong oxidation resistance.
3. Strong adhesion of electroplating (such as continuous copper plating). For metals with poor adhesion, copper substrate should be laid before electroplating to enhance adhesion.
4. The conductivity of raw materials such as iron and phosphorus copper is usually below 20%, which can not meet the requirements for low impedance connectors. Therefore, the impedance can be reduced after plating high conductivity metals such as gold on the surface.
5. Improving the solderability (such as continuous tin plating, continuous gold plating, etc.) due to the poor adhesion of raw materials to tin, the solderability of parts can be improved by electroplating tin and other substances with a certain thickness on the surface.
The main reason for electroplating precision metal spring piece is to play a beautiful role and improve or increase the performance of the workpiece.