The intelligence of Han Nationality: create the beauty of light with the heart of craftsman

The intelligence of Han Nationality: create the beauty of light with the heart of craftsman
The automobile industry has been using laser technology for a long time. As early as the 1980s, the automobile industry began to use laser cutting technology to process plate parts. Compared with the traditional manufacturing technology, laser processing technology has the advantages of high precision, less loss, small stress, easy to realize automation and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in cutting, welding and marking fields. Because laser technology is more flexible than traditional technology, more and more new materials and new technologies are applied in automobile manufacturing with the development of automobile lightweight.
This “forging and stamping” reporter came to the Han’s laser intelligent equipment group (hereinafter referred to as “Han’s intelligence”), and had the honor to interview Mr. Zhou Guibing, general manager of the group’s 3D laser processing product center. He told us about the development of Han’s intelligence in the stamping field in recent years and his thinking on the future laser industry.
Strive for continuous improvement
As a new type of light source, laser is only used for welding simple cylindrical parts in the early stage of stamping field, such as automatic transmission components of vehicles. With the development of laser technology and the popularity of automatic chemical plants, laser technology has been widely used in the whole vehicle structure process, such as roof and door welding, stamping parts three-dimensional cutting, door spring annealing, instrument panel welding, marking and so on.
Three dimensional five axis laser cutting machine for hot forming parts
As a prominent representative of the domestic laser industry, Han’s intelligence has also begun to lay out stamping field for a long time. As early as 2000, Han’s intelligence developed laser welding products for electronics and semiconductors; then it produced high-power laser cutting and welding products in a few years, and then entered the metal plate processing field; until 2007, in order to meet the market demand of the automobile industry, Han’s intelligent developed robot 3D cutting and welding products for the automobile industry, mainly used for thin plates The cutting and welding of curved surface; then, Han’s intelligent began to fully enter the stamping field. During 2011-2019, it has successively developed various 3d-5-axis laser cutting and welding related products, especially in the aerospace and automotive industries. Han’s intelligent can develop specific technologies and equipment to meet the needs of customers, such as the hot forming cantilever 3D five axis laser cutting machine High gantry 3D five axis laser cutting machine, Benz skylight laser remote welding process, automobile welding line, etc.
Now, the business of Han’s intelligence covers many fields, such as medium and high power laser cutting, laser welding, intelligent production line, 3D printing, laser cleaning, laser, research and development and manufacturing of numerical control system and functional components. Its products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, electric power, elevator manufacturing, agricultural machinery and other industries.
Production workshop
Based on technology, forging fine products
At present, many domestic vehicle manufacturers have established laser cutting and laser welding production lines in production, and some enterprises have plans to introduce and add in the future development plan. It can be seen that laser technology has become a fast processing method in the field of automobile manufacturing, and its technology and equipment will be more and more widely used.
And Han’s intelligence has also launched a lot of key technologies and equipment. Among them, the self-developed 3D five axis laser cutting machine for hot forming parts adopts a cantilever beam movable structure, the cutting head can rotate 360 ° infinitely plus ± 135 ° swing, and has the function of rapid puncture. It is also equipped with a dual station rotary table, which can realize synchronous, loading and unloading processing, and is especially suitable for laser cutting of hot forming parts in automobile industry. In the aspect of laser welding, the laser welding workstation of automobile body panel developed by the company is equipped with flexible working platform, which can carry out three-dimensional construction. With multi series, standardized and modular design, it can flexibly select the hole diameter, and can provide three-dimensional flexible fixture according to customer requirements.
In addition, some equipment such as optical fiber laser intelligent connecting line, double beam double head coil online cutting line, intelligent welding line, aluminum alloy door laser welding workstation and other equipment have been applied in the actual production of automobile manufacturing and achieved excellent results.
Independent innovation and talent development
With the rapid development of China’s laser industry in recent years, the domestic laser industry market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, laser products with high power, automation, humanization and other characteristics emerge in endlessly. However, Han’s intelligence can develop rapidly and stably in such a fierce market environment, which is inseparable from Han’s insistence on independent innovation.
“The premise of independent innovation is the need for a large number of stable innovative talents. At present, the number of employees of Han’s intelligence is about 2800, while that of R & D personnel is nearly 40%. In addition, we have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in R & D projects. For example, the R & D centers jointly established by Han’s intelligence, Huda and Beihang are used to develop products related to the automotive industry and aerospace industry. Among them, three product centers, such as 3D laser processing product center, high-power laser welding center and automation product center, are directly involved in the R & D platform With nearly 700 staff and nearly 100 million yuan of relevant instruments and equipment, we have been able to maintain a good and stable competitiveness Zhou Guibing said.
Drill what you want and make what you need
For laser equipment, each model and type of laser equipment has its own special value, but not every laser equipment can become the “king of kings”, the key