Two methods of copper plating for precision shrapnel

There are two methods of copper plating for precision shrapnel, one is electroless copper plating. Electroless copper plating is widely used in all walks of life, such as: electronic appliances, hardware technology, crafts, furniture decoration. Electroless copper plating has high stability and wide application range of working temperature and solution concentration. The copper layer is dense and has excellent adhesion. It is suitable for copper plating on all metal and nonmetal surfaces. The coating thickness is uniform, the process equipment is simple and the coating performance is good.
The other is electroplating copper, which has been used for many years in PCB manufacturing industry. The electroplating copper solution of printed circuit board belongs to acidic solution, which has the characteristics of high acid and low copper, excellent dispersion and deep plating ability, and the copper layer after plating has luster. The copper layer can be used to decorate the surface of precision metal spring piece, and it can also play an anti-corrosion role.