Use of gold shrapn upon

Use of gold shrapn upon
Now, the processing equipment and production line of mechanical hard metal shrapnuts are carried out in the depth and breadth of CNC and computer manipulation (CNC). However, with the change of metal shrapn upon data and geometric new forms, processing skills have also been developed.
1) Change the outer diameter of the metal shrapnig, variable pitch and the diameter of the variable wire (three changes) suspension metal shrapnig completed the moldless plastic processing. Since the development of three-variable metal shrapnom, has always chosen a conical steel rod in the CNC carbed winding processing, but the yield and quotation are not ambitious. Now changed to the heating state through the reed machine, control the roll speed and pull force, to obtain the desired cone shape, and with the processing residual heat for quenching.
2) Hollow safety hard metal shrapnesium rod selected low-carbon boron steel plate coules welded into shape.
3) Twist rod selected high purity of 45 steel, through high-frequency quenching to obtain the appearance of high hardness and greater residual tightening stress, and then progress fatigue and anti-slack talent.
4) Electronic products widely used piece of metal shrapder basically choose stamping and active twists and turns processing into shape. The first priority now is to develop joint skills for composite materials.
A. Cold forming skills for gold shrapncts
1) Cold forming skills one-time active talent. The cold forming machine has now been carried out to 12 claws. Wires within (0.3 to 14) mm scale are basically formed at one time in 8 claw forming. Now the development direction of forming skill equipment: (1) progressive forming speed, the primary development trend is the forming speed of progressive equipment, that is, production power;
2) Cold forming skill scale talent. Now the large wire diameter of the gold shrapder reed machine, the maximum standard up to 20mm, 2000MPa, winding ratio 5. Cold forming skills for diameter or isodes Mini-Block gold shrapnods and pain-biased gold shrapncts are still limited.
B. Thermoforming skills of gold shrapncts
1) Thermoforming skill speed talent. Now China’s (9 to 25) mm standard forming only CNC2 shaft hot reed machine, the maximum speed of 17 pieces per minute. Compared with developed countries, the distance is greater.
2) Large gold shrapnct thermoforming skills manipulation ability. Because only CNC2 axis hot reed machine, so the shape control less than three directions effect, poor accuracy, and no active rod rotation control and adjustment of tissue, so hot roll gold shrapder forming skills level can be low. Therefore, the accuracy level of metal shrapnes is also lower than that of oxidation and decarbonization.