What should be paid attention to when the metal spring piece is opened

What should be paid attention to when the metal spring piece is opened
Hardware shrapnel widely exists in all kinds of electronic products, it is an indispensable small part in the conductive link, do not look at it as small, it is also very strict requirements in the production, for example, it needs to pay attention to the following points when opening the mold:
1. Before pulling the metal spring piece mold, it is necessary to make sure that the material belt support plate at the feed inlet of the mold has been removed.
2. There will be a button hole on the door panel. For the convenience of installation, the position of the hole can be adjusted.
What should be paid attention to when hardware spring piece is opened?
3. Once the mold of the metal spring piece cannot be pulled, two people can cooperate with each other, one pulling outward and the other pushing backward. In order to avoid punching the mold out of the punch platform, two people can not be pushed backward at the same time.
4. Attention should be paid to control the turning range of the die car when the die is pulled out of the punch platform. It is not allowed to turn too fast, which may cause the die parts to flower or even be damaged.
5. In the abnormal state of the mold, pay attention to no longer inch operation, especially when the mold has been placed behind the plastic stop column pad.
6. When the die is put into the mold, the power supply of the main machine of the punch should be turned off in time to avoid the increase of energy consumption
7. When the mold is shut down normally, the inching of the mold needs to run to the appropriate position, which is generally in the round hole of the material belt, so as to avoid stopping the mold to the bottom dead center and affecting the service life of the equipment.